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MOBA‘s Future Vision of the Smart City on IFAT 2018

From 14 to 18 May, the international waste management industry will meet again at IFAT in Munich to discuss the future topics of the industry together. This is the reason why MOBA Mobile Automation joins the world's leading trade fair for environmental technology and will be presenting its latest technologies for the further development of tomorrow's Smart City at booth 352 in hall A6.

Using and Benefiting from Resources

The demand for the MOBA filling level sensor for bin level detection and container condition monitoring increases from year to year. Disposal trips are planned efficiently and completely on demand, which can reduce emptying trips by up to 30%. A vehicle drives only the route along the containers, which must be emptied. Not only do waste disposal companies and municipalities use the full capacity of their containers, but they also save considerable time and resources. Combined with the disposal software MAWIS U2, the future concept of the Smart City is becoming reality.

Waste Management 4.0 – Software for Smart Cities

All MOBA components on the vehicle, such as the mobile weighing system, the high-end on-board computer and the RFID and GPS equipment are in constant communication with the MOBA Cloud. Using the web-based MAWIS U2 software, this information can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, whether via a web browser in the office, via the on-board computer in the vehicle or via the mobile app on the move. This results in numerous optimization potentials and time savings thanks to centralized data management.

The intelligent software combines future-proof features for time-efficient and resource-efficient waste management, such as real-time vehicle tracking or pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) based billing. Extensive reporting tools complete the electronic, service-oriented order processing. Continuously developed for more than 25 years, the software has been optimally adapted to the requirements of international markets in various designs. Today, more than 300 projects worldwide are realized with MAWIS.

MOBA Cloud Infrastruktur for a Remote Support Upgrade

Visitors of IFAT can look forward to the new upgrade of the dynamic scale for all types of disposal vehicles. The connection of the mobile weighing system to the MOBA Cloud will be presented for the first time at a trade fair. From now on, this future-proof equipment makes predictive maintenance and customer-oriented remote support an absolute must in every waste disposal repertoire. Regular updates on the state of the scale provide a direct basis for action, in order to plan maintenance in advance and proactively prevent failures. A service case is handled very quickly thanks to time-saving remote diagnostics.

The Environment-friendly Smart City

In addition to the efficient handling of waste disposal, also recycling, CO² emissions or noise pollution issues are of central importance for the smart city of tomorrow. MOBA technologies make an important contribution to the long-term implementation of these goals. For example, Pay As You Throw provides incentives to reduce waste production and ensure clean waste separation, which is an important basis for proper recycling. Shorter and targeted disposal trips also reduce the CO² emissions of the disposal fleets and the associated noise levels caused by emptying. Not only waste disposal companies, but also citizens and the environment benefit from the technologies of the global player.

Such future-oriented developments of the Smart City are in the interest of MOBA as well as in general interest. That's why the technology company, with more than 26 years of waste management experience, regularly participates in pioneering projects such as Waste4Think, which was initiated by the EU.

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MOBA Booth IFAT 2018
MOBA Booth IFAT 2018
MOBA Booth IFAT 2018