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Innovation Award for ‘Automated Quality Assurance system’ integrating MOBA technologies

MATtest Southern Ltd. was just awarded the New Civil Engineer TechFest Award for Innovation of the Year: Transport Systems. The Automated Quality Assurance (AQA) system of the civil engineering materials testing company was considered to substantially improve road construction in the UK. One winning argument was the digital approach of the solution. The basis of the solution are the innovative MOBA systems PAVE-IR and MCA, which are connected to the MOBA Cloud. The collected data is transferred to the system of MATtest in real-time. In this way, all data is immediately and anytime available on the construction site and in the office

“MATtest has cut a swathe through the traditional processes for asphalt laying and testing, to deliver a system which uses technology to improve delivery, data gathering and safety during the highway construction process. The team demonstrated clear evidence of the beneficial outcomes of the technology, which impacts everyone from the operative in the field to the asset owner and this will ultimately deliver better quality road surfaces and road user experience.”, commented the judges on the winner selection.

The Automated Quality Assurance (AQA) system is an automated data gathering solution for road construction, developed by MATtest Southern Ltd. A series of different sensors installed on pavers, rollers and other construction equipment collects data during the paving process, such as material temperatures, GNSS data or completed passes by rollers. This not only accelerates work process and enhances work safety but also prepares the construction site for BIM.

The collaboration of MATtest and MOBA has established an expert, cost-efficient analysis of the entire paving process in the UK road construction market since its start in 2016. Customers particularly value the combination of MOBA’s sophisticated machine equipment and MATtest’s software expertise to produce comprehensive quality reports.

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Innovation Award for MATtest Southern Ltd