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Formula 1 and Moto GP: new speed records thanks to new asphalt surface?

Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton, Márquez, Rossi, Lorenzo, and many more will enjoy a particularly flat and smooth track this year at the Circuit de Catalunya de Montmeló. So,the one or another course record this year will not be a big surprise! For a good reason: the track has just been completely renewed with MOBA leveling technology!

Road testers are all set

Just this week, the company Firtec of the Soriqué Group, both asphalt specialist and road construction professionals, have successfully completed the renovation work of the Circuit de Catalunya! Tire manufacturer and Formula 1 supplier Pirelli is all set to send its engineers on the racetrack next week for the first asphalt tests. The roughness of the asphalt plays an important role in determining the ideal composition of the tires for Formula 1 vehicles. Shortly after, the first tests of Formula 1 preseason will follow on February 26.

MOBA technologies - Precision for Formula One

More than 45 years of experience in the development and manufacture of leveling technologies for road construction transform MOBA solutions into practical systems that are particularly focused on road quality. It is not surprising that the combination of MOBA-matic and 4-sensor solution Big Sonic-Ski are clearly the first choice in the construction and renovation of prestigious racetrac

Highest road quality - F 1 in our everyday lifes

Major brands such as Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault, Honda, Ducati or Pirelli not only participate in the races of the Formula 1 and Moto GP for image and advertising reasons. They also use their experience in these competitions to improve the quality and performance of their products.

Every construction of a racetrack also contributes to the broad experience of MOBA Mobile Automation. Over the years, their leveling systems and sensor solutions have been perfected to such an extent that today a large part of the racetracks worldwide are being built with MOBA solutions. Only then will the maximum evenness of the track be guaranteed. Thanks to its implementation in the systems, this knowledge is in turn applied to motorways, rural roads and large-scale road networks, too. This is why today everyone can enjoy a comparable driving experience as on the best Formula 1 racetracks in the world!

That seems exaggerated at first glance. But even if we do not race in everyday life, the quality of the road plays a major role in terms of economy, sustainability and driving safety. In addition to increased longevity of the road, premium quality offers significant benefits. These include less noise, lower fuel consumption, longer vehicle maintenance intervals and greater safety thanks to a better grip. In this way all parties profit equally: the environment, the polisher and the citizens.

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Renovierung des Circuit de Catalunya
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