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4 Sensor Solution Big Sonic-Ski smooths the way to Alcázar de San Juan

In Alcázar de San Juan, Spain, an example of our 4-sensor solution Big Sonic-Ski was found in road construction earlier this month. The driveway on the CM-420 and a section of the road to Manazaners had to be renovated. Since the track was known for its irregularities in the asphalt surface, MOBA was consulted with their expertise.

The solution: a paver by Pavalco, Alvac S.A., was equipped with the MOBA ultrasound technology Big Sonic-Ski. Four sensors scan the ground over a length of 13m and thus provide the basis for an absolutely even leveling during the paving process of the new asphalt layer. This even completely compensates for long bumps that cannot be detected by fewer sensors. The proven MOBA technology is particularly popular in the construction of race tracks because the built-in asphalt surface is extra smooth, durable and safe.

More and more contractors are using the Big Sonic Ski with 4 sensors in everyday projects to deliver an absolutely high-quality result. In cooperation with a professional installation team, which places great value on quality in road construction, the roads of the future will be built. In addition to the convincing driving experience, even, high-quality roads are also safer for traffic and durable, from which the citizens, and in this case the municipality of Castilla de la Mancha, benefits in the long term.

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Big Sonic-Ski with 4 Ultrasonic Sensors
Big Sonic-Ski with 4 Ultrasonic Sensors